Frequently Asked Questions

Please email any specific queries you may have to or use contact form and I will get back to you with a personal reply!

Q1) Why you built this website ?
A, I built this website to :
1- share any technical information with any person throw this web site.
2- Show of my technical experience, CV, Career, ...etc.

Q2) Does this site reflects what's your experience ?
A, Definitely not, I try to explaine some of the lessons when I find time to benefit others.
There is no relationship between lessons and articles and my technical experience.

Q3)What is the responsibility of the publication within the site?
I'm not responsable for:
1- any bad using of any lesson inside my website and the damage which will happend if you don't have experience or if you used it on your work environment.
2- I'm responsable for video inside my channel which I upload but I'm not responsable for any of these
videos which I found it inside yourtube and shared it throw youtube website.

Q4)What about your personal destails?
I will take the necessary legal action to anyone trying to use my personal details or photos in any kind of work without reference to me.

Q5)What about comments?
You are free to say and to write what you want but be aware I will delete your comment if :
- Contain Advertisements to websites which have information Insulting the religion of any kind or it contain Sex content, or Criminal sites, hackers, Software theft.
- Please don't mess with the website and respect the comments and ideas of others.
- Don't use proxy while you are browsing my website.

Q6)What about Copy and Sharing?
 Please don't copy any content (Text, Photos, ..etc) But you allowed to share any content throw my Sharing button to your Facebook, Twitter, ..etc.